Monday, February 23, 2009

Costa Rica Blog - Day 7 & 8

Punta Leona

The lack of internet and lack of urgency to use any technology this past weekend is my reason for posting only until now. Two days of clear blue water, soft white sandy beaches, dense vegetation and intense sunshine can do that to you.

introducing: Punta Leona

My only non-food request in Costa Rica was to be taken to the beach since my trip to Hawaii in December didn't really meet my sun & beach expectations. We were too busy trotting around in overcast weather looking for malasadas and Zippys. In anycase, my family spoiled me by meeting my request and planned a trip to Punta Leona, where my great-aunt "Gu Po" or simply "Tia Rosa," owns a beach house and is a shareholder/country club member.

Gu Po's beach house

Punta Leona is part gated community, part resort, part time-share. Those who own property in Punta Leona have unrestricted access to the hotel entertainment, pool and beach. While we cannot afford such luxuries on our own, it's nice that Gu Po is eager to share them with us. The following is a picturebook of my weekend at the beach:

In order to get to Punta Leona, we had to cross a bridge with these guys underneath. Some were pretty massive...

At "La Playa Blanca" or "Punta Leona Beach," we settled down under some shady palms to digest our lunch. I was amused by these two boys who seemed to play endlessly by the tide.

I also liked this family portrait.

On this trip, my cousin Nancy (left) brought along her friend Paola (right) which made for an interesting test of willpower against obnoxious teenage gigglefest. Wendy and I endured an entire cartrip of that and realized that we were indeed growing old since we couldn't stand those kind of shenannegans anymore.

My uncle, Tio Johnny, to the left and my great-aunt, Tia Rosa to the right.

The girls walking into the sunset: cousins Nancy, Patricia, Wendy, Tia Seon & Paola.

Obligatory Chan girl cousin picture. The only one missing here is Melissa.

Back in Tia Rosa's beach house, we enjoyed the pool which came with a wide variety of float toys. Here Wendy is preparing to race the girls on top of a floater while they swim free-style. The pool was a great change of pace from the salty waters that stung my eyes, nose and armpits (from shaving cuts). TMI, sorry.

I also had the honor of sharing a room with bugs like these. This one is the largest fly I've seen to date.

Tia's house had 3 hammocks (modeled by cousin Johnny Alberto) to lounge in while enjoying this view:

La Selva.

After a long morning in the beach, we all sat down for a late lunch of steak, paella, choy, boiled carrots, and avocado.

Uncle Johnny's specialty...the Paella.

This is a view of the neighbor's house...I call it House en Jungla.

My ride home: a basket weaved Vespa.

DAY: 7 & 8
WILDLIFE VIEWED: Lapas (parrots), mapaches (long nosed raccoons), bugs...
SUN: endless

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