Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrity Crush

I am not a Trekkie.

My fingers just can't do the Vulcan salute. (And just to prove how NON Trekkie I am, I had to google that. I call it "Star Trek high five your face.")

But guess who's super geeked to see Star Trek for free next week?!! :D cha! Most people I talk to aren't very stoked about the movie but I can't help but feel the tingles when I hear buzz about it. Why so excited?


When I saw a trailer of John Cho kicking butt, I found myself hooting loudly at my dining table. Then I looked around to make sure no one but my dog was looking and pumped my fists in the air.

Why of all people is he my celebrity crush? Aside from being a hot Asian American actor, Cho is an activist who cares about the Asian American community and how they are portrayed on the big screen. I remember him telling a crowd of students at UC Berkeley's API Issues Conference that he carefully considers each role he is offered and is very selective because he does not want to perpetuate stereotypes. HOT! I'm not sure how this applies to his role as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie, but I'll get back to you on that after I see it.

Oh, and he did this band thing.
[like his shirt?] [who is Vincent Chin?]

And I almost touched him!

While I may not have legit reasons like Angry Asian Man to get authentically geeked over Star Trek's release, at least I'm honest. I'm in it for Cho. And well, it should be entertaining!

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